Welcome to the Secure Text Alert Demonstration
In the demo you will see capabilities of the ACME Packet Border Control Function (BCF) perform keyword scans of incoming text messages, and of the Assure911 Monitoring System as it delivers the alerts to desired parties.
In order to participate in the demo there are a few things to know about the demo app:
Demo Timer Demo App Cotrol Buttons
The demo app has a limit of 30 minutes. If it runs down, simply hit the reset button and get another 30 minutes. The time remaining is shown at the top of the device screen.
InfoThis tab button brings up this info page. Press the Android "Back" button to return to the demo
ResetThis tab button resets the demo app by clearing out any recent alerts and restarting the timer. Any recent alerts will be repeated after a few seconds.
CurrentThis tab button brings up most recent alert. There will not be an audible sound associated with retrieving the current alert
PreviousThis tab button brings up previous alert. There will not be an audible sound associated with retrieving the previous alert
ExitThis tab button exits the demo app
When a new alert comes in a popup box will appear and a brief audible sound will be played. The popup has two options: Dismiss and Detail
Dismiss Detail
If you don't wish to obtain detail, simply dismiss the alert More detail is available for each alert. For one class of alerts the detail includes the geographic location of the caller who sent the original text referring to a disaster of some sort, such a a tornado.

Pressing the detail button in this situation brings up the map application that is found on the device, with the location pinpointed on the map.

Another type of alert is a summary of multiple reports that include mention of an adverse situation, such as a campus bomb scare. The detail of this type of alert will be a list of the text messages that included the keyword.

NOTE:Version 1.3 of the app does not display this detail. It simply behaves as if the dismiss button was pressed.
When the demo is no longer available it will be disabled. The top of the device screen will read "Demo Not Active". At this point the app will not be able retrieve any information about the alerts that were generated. When another demo is scheduled, such as for another upcoming conference, the demo will be reactivated. Simply exit the app and restart it in order to participate in the next demonstration. Also, please look for the product version of the Assure911® Monitoring App in the coming months for more information and additional displays. THANK YOU!